Installing WordPress is a very easy task. You just have to put some details and install. Well, One thing you must know about WordPress is :- It is not a secure platform.

Do you know that you can secure your wordpress site by doing some simple changes while installing? Yes, It is possible. Most of you guys simply put admin as username. Trust me, you are doing it wrong.

Here is a simple guide that will teach you how to install WordPress with security.

Log In To cPanel :

First of all, Log in to your cPanel. Click on WordPress located at the bottom in Softaculous. Viewen provides softaculous for all servers. It has more than 200 scripts. So you can choose what suites you most.

Go To Installation Page :

Click on Install Now. It will open the wordpress installation page. You have to fill some details in order to install wordpress. These details help you to run and manage the site.

Software Setup & Site Setting :

I personally recommend you to choose¬†“https” protocol. It doesn’t matter if you are making a blog, website, forum or anything. Starting your site with “https” shows that it is secure and it makes a bond with your visitors. Also, Google gives minor boosting to “https” in search engine. After that, choose your domain in which you want to install wordpress. Leave it you have only one domain. Don’t forget to remove ‘wp’ otherwise it will install wordpress in your website directory(like “”)

For the site name, Simply type your site name. It will appear in browser’s tab. For site description(short definition) , please type something that defines your site. Something that we read and understand the topic of your website. If you have only one site, leave the Multisite option.

Admin Account & Language:

Most of you do the wrong thing here. Using admin as username is a very big mistake. You have to use a name that is unique. For password, make a strong one using letters, numbers and characters. Use the password indication that will show you if your password is strong or not? After that, simply choose your language in which wordpress will appear to you.

Advanced Option :

Type in your database name. Please change the table prefix form “wp**” to anything else (length will be 6). Don’t leave it to default for security reasons. You must enable auto upgrade feature. It will upgrade you wordpress to latest version if available. Same for themes and plugins. Leave the backup to default. You can use a plugin for backups that is better than this feature. Don’t choose any theme here.

Install WordPress :

It is better to type your email address to receive the installation information before installing WordPress. After that, Click on Install. It will redirect you to the installing wordpress page.

If you put everything correct, It will redirect you to successfully wordpress installed page.

Now, wordpress is installed in your website. To log in to your wordpress dashboard, simply add “/wp-admin” after your website. For example,

Those are the steps to install wordpress with security.

That’s it for today guys. Please share this post and help others…..



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