By default, your ‘wp-config’ file is not protected.  if you just installed WordPress and using any security plugin doesn’t mean that you are secure. If your WordPress config file exists under ‘public_html’, you are not safe.

In this post, I will just tell you how to change the MySQL password and there is a good reason why I am writing this post. But I can’t tell you why as it is bad for you and good for hackers. Anyway, Let’s start.

First, Login to your cPanel and click on the ‘File manager’. There you will see all your folders and files. Click on ‘Public_html’ and scroll down a little bit. Find your ‘wp-config’, select it and click on ‘edit’ from the top menu.

As per the screenshot, you have to remove the current pass and add a new one. Remove Your current password: ‘********* ‘ and Click here and generate a new password. Copy that password and paste it here. You have changed the MySQL password in ‘wp-config’ file.

Now, return back to cPanel home again and find ‘MySQL Database’. Click on it and scroll to bottom. You will see your database user. Click on change password’ and paste the same password here that you paste in the ‘wp-config’ file. 


Done! your pass is changed. In the next post, I will tell you how to protect your ‘wp-config’. 

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