Website loads faster if they call less request. The question is how can you reduce the amount of request when a web page loads. Well, you can’t. But there is an another way. First let us understand about Leverage browser caching.

What is Leverage Browser Caching?

The process of storing web pages resources like logo, css, js, txt into your visitors browser (local storage) is called Leverage Browser Caching. When a web page loads, it requests for every single file from the server and saves all css, js, logo into a visitor’s browser. So, when that visitor open your website’s page next time, it will take all the file from his browser instead of making a request to the server.

In this case, website loads faster because it doesn’t have to connect to the server for many files. This decreases the server load too.

How can I enable it?

You can enable it by simply adding a code in your .htaccess file. The following code also explains that how a web resources file is stored in visitors browser.

Simply add this code in your “.htaccess” file. After that, when a visitor will request a page, all important files like css, images, js will be stored in his browser. When he request the same page for second time, it will load from his browser instead of your website.

This process make his experience even faster than before.

That’s it for today guys. Please share this post and help others.


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