Getting an account with us isn’t hard. You have to provide us correct and legit details and that’s it. Same as setting up your cPanel isn’t hard. Let me ask a question to you real quick. Have you ever tried to configure your cPanel when you get your account activated?

The answer must be no. Well, you don’t have to make changes too much, just two main things. With these changes, you will receive email without any issue and your site will be faster than before. Without wasting any time, let’s start.

1. Email Routing

There are many users asking that why they are not getting mails sent via gmail. The answer is they had not configure their Email setting correctly.

Log into your cPanel and click on Email Routing under Email.

Check if your Email routing is set to “ (recommended)” or not. If yes then leave it, If No, Please change it to that configuration.

2. Optimize Website

Go to homepage again, Scroll down and click on Optimize website under Software.

Select the option called Compress all content save it. Now your website is compressed and use low bandwidth with faster loading.

That’s the only thing you have to do to configure your cPanel properly. Please share this post and help others.



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